Art Storage

The storage of works of art and the care of art collections are among our specialities

In our depots we offer both the short-term temporary storage of works of art and empty crates as well as the long-term storage and care of larger collections.

Our storage possibilities thereby range from fully air-conditioned and alarm-protected security depots to open-air storage facilities on protected premises, e.g. for large-scale sculptures and installations.

The air-conditioning of our depots conforms to the standard for museums and is subject to constant measurement and controls. Strict safety prescriptions also prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access. Our depots fulfil the security standards demanded by art insurers (SG3).

For appraisals and inspections of works of art we have set up a showroom as a neutral meeting point that also serves the carrying out of documentation and restoration work. The showroom affords you the opportunity of viewing your works of art at your leisure or presenting them to your guests.